Please see below my Terms and Conditions. 


Throughout the design process, you will be sent PDF proofs for you to check. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that the wording, layout and spelling are all exactly as you want them, and that there are no spelling mistakes etc. The Hand Drawn Bean will not be held responsible for any mistakes found in the wording after the proof process has been approved for printing. Printing will therefore not commence until I have received written sign off from you. By signing off on the final proof, you are accepting responsibility for the wording, layout and spelling as shown.

If errors are discovered after printing has commenced, you will be charged additional costs for any work carried out to rectify the alterations; usually reworking and reprinting. 

Please note that the longer the proof/sign off period takes, then the further away your lead time is pushed back. Time estimated for the works to be carried out at initial consultation depend on work flow at that time. If proofs or information required is not turned around in a timely manner then your order may be subject to interruption from other orders. 


The Hand Drawn Bean holds copyright for all designs; designs cannot be copied or reproduced by You, or any third party.  


In the event of an order being cancelled by yourselves, The Hand Drawn Bean cannot refund any money once the work has been begun on your order. In the unlikely event of the order being cancelled by me, then a full refund will be given. 


Please note that samples and proofs may not exactly match the finished product. This is because there can be variations in the print production process. Printing can in small variations. Minor differences in texture, colour, size and positioning can sometimes occur and are not classed as faults. 

Please be aware that colours can also appear differently on screen, therefore it is wholly advisable and my recommendation that you print all your proofs prior to approving them. 


I predominantly use Royal Mail Special Delivery which is a tracked service and insured for delivering all orders. Items will require a signature on delivery, so please ensure there is someone ready to take delivery at your specified address. 

Larger pieces will be sent via courier. Delivery charges are dependant on weight and will be added to your final invoice. 

Collection is of course welcome if you are local.

The Hand Drawn Bean accepts no responsibility for items lost in the post or delayed due to strike action, or indeed circumstances out of our control. 


A deposit of 50% must be received before any work will commence on any order. The remaining 50% is due on delivery. 

Bank transfer is preferable, but other forms of payment can be discussed. All charges will be paid via invoice. All payments must be received within 30 days of invoicing. Billing will reflect the actual costs incurred and any changed requested by the client will be billed additionally. I will advise you of any price changes and your remaining invoice will be adjusted accordingly. If there are any adjustments (such as actual number of envelopes addressed) then your invoice will also be adjusted. 

If the numbers required changes and supplies have already been ordered by The Hand Drawn Bean, then you may be subject to extra costs for getting additional supplies ordered. It is therefore advisable to order extra in order to allow for this sort of event. 


At the beginning of your project you will be provided with a timeline.  If you cannot meet any of the deadlines on your timeline then you must ensure that I am made aware ahead of time so that they can be altered. Missing a deadline may mean that your project has to be pushed back and subsequently delayed as I will have other work scheduled. 

If copy, addresses or name lists are delivered after the deadline you have agreed that you may incur a 20% rush fee. 

Any small number of additional addresses or names subsequently added will not incur an additional charge, only production which will be charged accordingly. 


Please ensure that all information provided to me is correct. All guest information for stationery should be provided correctly; ensuring all spelling and etiquette is correct. The Hand Drawn Bean does not accept any responsibility for spelling mistakes or wrong information then produced if given incorrectly.


Addresses should be provided in the way shown to you within your initial instruction email from The Hand Drawn Bean. This enables me to layout and centre the address as perfectly as possible. It also ensures that your order is created within the timeframe provided. Any time spent reformatting your addresses will be charged accordingly. 


Nearly all the work I produce is hand-written or hand-finished unless discussed otherwise. It is also possible that mistakes happen, therefore it is advisable that an extra 20% of materials are provided to me; whether they be envelopes, signs, place cards etc. 

If it is organic materials that are being used, such as glass, wood, leaves etc. please ensure that they reach me clean and ready to be written on, following the extra 20% rule above.